ポストカードとして一部 iichi、minneにて販売も行っております。
My postcards are sold at website below.

001 "Plaster"

004 "Capsule - fly"

007 "Snail-car"

010 "Rainbow"

013 "Pea-ver.cafe"

016 "T-ghost"

019 "Market"

022-01 "Upside Down -Forest-"

024 "S.O.S -rainbow-"

002 "Pea"

005 "vacuum"

008 "Look both"

011 "Large heart"

014 "Capsule-car ver.cafe"

017 "choice's yours"

020 "Playground"

022-02 "Upside Down -Forest-"

025 "Back alley"

003 "S.O.S"

006 "Cow"

009 "Birthday egg"

012 "Capsule - car"

015 "Vacuum ver.cafe"

018 "S.O.S ver.cafe"

021 "The Final Egg"

023 "Grape"

026 "Christmas 2014"

About Me

Hi! I'm Hiroomi live in Tokyo. I used to be a CG or a web designer before.
I spent four years in England to go to university in Bath but... that was nearly fifteen years ago
and I guess my English skills are almost all gone...
Although I now just enjoy making things like postcards or greeting cards, if I could have an opportunity in the future,
I would like to work overseas!!

名前:ヤマサキ ヒロオミ / 東京在住 高校・大学時代をイギリスで過ごす。


お問い合わせ先: tailtail1603@gmail.com